What to Expect During Your Massage

What to Expect During Your Massage

What to Expect During Your Massage

First time getting a professional massage? Lucky you! Massages are the perfect way to hone in on self care, aligning the mental and physical state in one session. First-timers often worry over massage etiquette or what to expect upon arrival. Rest assured, we make the process very simple and welcoming.

      Here’s what you can expect on your first massage:

  • Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by one of our professional massage therapists. He or she will spend a few minutes collecting some health history and documenting some of your areas of concern (back pain, tight muscles, constant headaches). You’ll discuss the purpose of your massage, and the type of massage you’d like to receive (deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone, etc).
  • Once we’ve covered all formalities, you’ll be taken to the room where you’ll receive your massage. Your therapist will show you where to put your things, tell you whether you’ll be starting your massage faced up or down, and leave the room so that you can dress to your level of comfort.


  • The big question: what clothing to remove? Dress to your comfort level! Here are a few popular options:
    • Going Bare: At Angel Touch Massage Therapy, we are well-trained in draping techniques which means you will always feel secure as we uncover only the area that is receiving the massage. This option leaves access to glutes and abs while maintaining the client’s privacy.
    • Underpants Only: this is most common, as this allows the therapist to make long, fluid massage movements across the back, legs and arms without garments interfering.
    • Underclothing + Some: Another option is to keep loose-fitting shorts and undergarments on. This leaves the neck and shoulders accessible as well as the feet (who skips the foot massage?)
    • Fully Clothed: We can use techniques that don’t require oil to achieve that overall relaxing effect. By using pressure and tapotement, you’ll leave both refreshed and energized.

      After the Massage

  • Once the massage is over, the therapist will exit the room, allowing you time to redress and return to the lobby at your leisure.
  • And, last but not least, you’ll leave Angel Touch Massage Therapy feeling like a brand new person- recharged and rejuvenated to tackle life.


Don’t let massage etiquette keep you at bay. We’re always here to make the experience easy and comfortable for the client. Let’s get that first massage booked!


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