We love seeing our clients on a regular basis, but we know sometimes you have to reschedule or cancel appointments because let’s be honest – life happens! But that can certainly cause those aches and pains that we work so hard to keep at bay – coming back between appointments. We thought it would be helpful to post a few tips below to keep your body feeling its best between appointments:

Exercise and Eat Well

When we get busy, our bodies often take the brunt of it. We’re rushing from place to place, often eating whatever is the easiest to grab at the moment. What’s worse – many of us skip meals out of convenience only to then find ourselves famished and looking for anything in site to curb our afternoon hanger. Make sure to spend a few minutes a day preparing your meals or deciding what your meal plan will be. This is as simple as thinking about a plan while you’re in the shower and following it throughout the day.

Get Extra Sleep

Yes, I know it sounds strange. You’re busy, so you need to plan more time to sleep. You won’t get anything done during this time, so it truly sounds counterproductive. The reality is that our brains work hard when we’re busy. Taking extra time to rest our brains actually make us work smarter throughout the day. It makes our brains more productive and adds clarity to all the tasks we’re trying to accomplish.


You read that right. While we love being a go-to venue for all your massage needs, we won’t underestimate the value of releasing pressure points and easing just a bit of your own stress. You know what’s hurting, how long it’s been hurting and your body is wired to be able to temporarily solve your aches. While this isn’t a long-term solution, it will likely get you by for a day or two until you can get in to see your favorite (massage) therapist. Here’s a great article for self-massage with some instructions to guide you to a relaxing experience.