Self Care. It’s a trending topic as of late, shedding light on the effort we put into maintaining our own well-being. We’re taught, from the earliest age, to care for ourselves through hygiene, nutrition, and education. But as we age, we let go of the simple ways to indulge in self-care through things like play, creativity and rest. Recently, there’s been a trend of hashtags highlighting the need for #selfcare in our adult life.


So what is self-care? Self care is simply the maintenance of one’s mental, physical and spiritual assets – a focus on improving overall health. It’s no surprise then how well massage therapy fits into self care. Just in case you’re still not connecting the dots though, let’s look at three reasons why massage therapy should be part of your self-care regimen:


Stress & Anxiety Relief  


Nothing clouds the brain more quickly than overwhelming stress and anxiety. In fact, it can affect our memory and our mood. The more weight we absorb with these pressures, the less mental clarity we have. A broad range of studies indicate that massage therapy reduces heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels, leaving clients more relaxed after just one session. Nothing says self care like making your brain happy.


Pain Reduction


If you’re experiencing physical discomfort, this is usually the first sign that you are in dire need some some self love. Pain is usually also one of the most common reasons people reach out to a professional massage therapist. Getting a massage can often lessen or relieve physical pain, putting your overall health in much better shape.


Relaxation & Comfort


Take time to slow down and listen to your body’s needs. This evaluation may not be readily available if you’re always on the go. Scheduling regular massage therapy appointments is a way to guarantee that you’re making routine check-ins with your body. You’ll be surprised what you notice about yourself when you’re completely relaxed in a comfortable environment.


Now is the time for self care.  Don’t wait until an issue arises to focus on you. Carve out a small window of your week (as little as 30 minutes!) and devote it all to your overall health. Keep those massage therapy sessions scheduled like clockwork, and continue to improve your mental, physical & spiritual health well into adulthood.