Written by guest contributor: Danielle Johnston, Angel Touch Massage Therapy Client

I have a pretty busy life. We all do. We have a habit of overcommitting at times (insert raised hand emoji here!) I’ve got four kids, four businesses and I’m the mayor of Warrensburg. It’s fair to say I don’t get bored easily.

But one thing I do each week is take some time for myself. I do everything in my power to ensure nothing gets in the way of my regularly scheduled weekly massage. On Friday mornings, I wake up and take children to school and then immediately head over to Angel Touch. A few things happen as soon as I get there.

I start to intentionally forget.

I purposely stop thinking about all the other things I might have to do that day. (I make sure to have a list on my phone before my massage because let’s be honest – things still have to get done on Fridays.)


I get excited about turning my phone off for an hour.

The reality is – when I was a kid, no one had cell phones. You couldn’t get a hold of my parents with a text message or even a phone call, and the world still ran without them. When they got home, they’d check the answering machine on our landline and get back to everyone who was wanting to speak to them that day. I don’t turn my phone off all day, but I do turn it off for the hour so I can truly relax.


I start to listen to my body.

How many times do we ignore the aches and pains we feel on a daily basis. If I’m really listening to my body right now – my shoulder hurts. I’m used to certain aches and pains, so I don’t really notice them anymore until they get unbearable. But on Fridays, I really take some time to listen to my body. My massage therapist always asks how my week was and what we’ll be working on that day. I want to have answers for her, so starting Friday morning, I start listening. Needless to say, this impacts the rest of my week too. It helps me be thoughtful of my posture, how I’m lifting things and falling asleep in the proper positions.


Finally, I feel truly joyful.

Most of my week is rushed. I’m on a time clock moving from one project to the next and often rushing from one activity to the next with kids. For one hour on Fridays though, I feel overjoyed that I’m not rushing. In fact, I make sure not to plan anything directly after my massage either to give me time to carry that joy with me as far throughout my day as possible.


As you can see, I’m a big, big fan of Angel Touch Massage Therapy. The joy and relaxation I get there on a weekly basis gives me something to always look forward to and something I know is good for my body and my mind.